With Klemm Homes you can integrate passive and energy ecology design and technology into your build, to create luxury, healthy, eco harmonious homes for you and your family to live in.

Passive design strategies focus on enhancing and maximising the use of ambient energy sources instead of purchased energy like electricity and natural gas thus reducing the amount of active systems required to run your home. It’s optimising spatial planning and orientation to control solar gains and maximise daylighting along with looking at various building forms and fabrics to facilitate natural ventilation. Areas we look at are the location and orientation of your home, room layouts, window design and shading, insulation and thermal mass to maintain even temperatures.

High-performance homes use the right blend of passive and active design strategies to minimise energy, materials, water and land use.

Whilst all our builds and design have a focus on energy efficiency, this concept takes sustainable and ecological living a step further. If you would like more information on passive building and design and how this can be incorporate into your new home, we would love to hear from you.