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Design is an extremely important part of the entire building process. This is the stage where decisions are made that will impact upon the final result. The challenge clients face at this point is the meeting of aspirations and expectations with reality – the budget.

We have heard plenty of tales where the budget has been maintained but the end result has not pleased. In these cases, clients have felt as though their money has somewhat been wasted. On the other side of the spectrum, for clients whose budget has been exceeded, they can experience great financial pressure. While the result may be spectacular, the financial burden can take its toll.

To ensure absolute client satisfaction at completion, Klemm Homes is committed to creating and implementing a design that meets both your expectations and budget. As renowned luxury home builders in Adelaide, we have our own professional design team who we work alongside. Together as a team, we guide you through the process to find a happy medium between what you want and what fits into your budget. We listen closely to your thoughts and from there suggest ways in which your ideas can be executed within your budget.

We ensure we are directly involved with the designer and you, as sometimes the seemingly easy option can result in expensive additional building costs, where another option may have met your needs without the cost.

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